11% of Unemployment Benefits
are Paid in Error.*

Avoiding claims is the best solution.

If you ever have to terminate an employee, you could face many issues that remain behind, including potential lawsuits. Simploy has a deep understanding of unemployment laws and employee rights when it comes to termination, helping reduce your potential liability and costly lawsuits.

As a PEO, we also have the expertise and knowledge base of the complex and evolving compliance government unemployment regulations. We can handle everything from actually terminating a person’s employment to managing unemployment claims administration, appeals, benefits, or severance as required by law.

Our Unemployment capabilities include claims management, appeals, hearings, employee history tracking (including performance reviews) as well as making sure government unemployment tax requirements are met. Through it all, Simploy represents your best interest at every step, so your company can avoid any potential workplace disruptions that can result from a termination.



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