Focus on your passion; outsource your headaches.

At Hemploy we are incredibly excited to be on the forefront of America's expanding cannabis industry.
By leveraging our expertise and experience with hundreds of employers nationwide, we bring a range of solutions to serve you, your cannabis company, and your employees.

Whether it is Human Resources, Payroll & Government Compliance, Workers' Compensation & Safety, or Benefits - as a Hemploy client, check it off as done.




Dispensary facilities come in all shapes and sizes and delivering cannabis in a retail and/or medical enviroment can bring unique challenges.

At Hemploy we have the solution for either framework and are proud to serve the needs of you and your employees.



Cultivation Facilities

Cannabis is a delicate plant and requires the perfect combination of factors to grow to it’s full potential – this is the same for your cultivation facility.

As a Hemploy client, we will ensure your corporate culture and work-enviroment are tuned to see your company grow and flower into the future.


We know that an efficient manufacturing facility is a sucessful manufacturing facility.

Partnering with Hemploy will free you to focus on your processes and provide savings to invest in further improvements.




Medicinal cannabis testing requires a highly skilled workforce and as the business owner, it is imperative that you keep your all-star team.

At Hemploy, we are able to deploy our HR and benefits solutions to ensure you can retain your employees and see them love their place of work.



A mobile workforce can present a unique array of challenges for the responsible business owner. Whether on the road or in the warehouse, safety is a top priority.

As a Hemploy partner you can count on us to ensure your team are safe, cared for and valued.

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