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Getting the right people on board.

In today’s complex work environment, recruiting and staffing are no longer as simple as a background check and drug test. We approach it in a very scientific way by using advanced cognitive and personality assessments to make sure the candidate not only can successfully fill the position, but they are also a match with your company’s culture.

Simploy believes that hiring smart is also financially smart. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that it can cost approximately one-third of a new hires annual salary to terminate them and then hire and train a replacement. This means potentially paying COBRA, unemployment and the possibility of facing a costly wrongful termination lawsuit.

Making the right hire can also improve morale and increase productivity within your organization. While you always have the final say in hiring, we are there to help you sort through and track all job candidates and to find the most suitable choices to avoid potential headaches in the future. It’s a smarter approach to building the right staff that works as a team for the betterment of your company.


 Watch the video below to see how the Simploy HR Cloud can make your hiring process faster and more effective.


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