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Basic Human Resource Support

Basic doesn’t begin to describe everything we do. Simploy offers you a dedicated, single point of contact backed by team of experts to make sure you and your employees get every need met, and your expectations exceeded. As a strategic HR business partner, Simploy supports you in the many areas that go along with employing people. HR is complex and the regulatory environment changes all the time. Problems can come up any time which put you at risk of noncompliance – a risk you can’t afford. We are here to help you navigate responsibilities and risks; giving you peace of mind knowing you have experts on your side!

Human Resource Training

Today’s businesses often need to do more with less. One of the best methods to improve employee productivity and efficiency is by delivering training programs tailored to your specific needs. Using live or virtual training seminars, Simploy can deliver training to enhance the knowledge and productivity of workplace managers, supervisors and employees.

Human Resource Consulting

From staying up-to-date with compliance and government regulations to onboarding new staff or ensuring company policies are in place and followed, the daily job of the HR department is constantly changing. Simploy will consult with your company to guide you through these complex HR issues and offer proven solutions and advice. We take pride in being a trusted advisor to our co-employment partners. This includes doing all we can to keep you informed, compliant, and confident in the way you are handling the ‘people’ side of your business. By understanding your needs, we evaluate your current practices and proactively develop strategies to improve your results – while reducing your compliance risks.

Staffing and Recruiting

When looking to fill a new position, owners often overlook the cost of a bad hire, until they find out later. Simploy helps with job descriptions, job postings and candidate assessment to help ensure that you get the right person for the job. Recruiting and hiring qualified employees is challenging. Typical outcomes include unqualified applicants, the wrong hire, a successful counter offer, or a process that took way too long. Simploy will improve your results. We apply our time, tools and talent to define your need, develop a search, expand the applicant pool and identify better candidates.

Unemployment Claims Management and Mitigation

Many unemployment benefits are paid in error. Unemployment claims are subject to complex and evolving compliance requirements. Effective management requires an understanding of the laws and employee rights to limit liability and reduce costs. We manage claims administration and appeals and represent your best interest every step of the way. Unemployment costs can be daunting for employers, especially when economic conditions aren’t the best. We use a two-tiered approach to claims management. We have experts to provide claims management, including data collection, hearing preparation, benefit charge audit and verification, training, and guidance. We also work closely with you to make sure that employee separations are documented properly. This strategy results in reduced claims and increased savings for you.

Human Resources Information System

Simploy offers real time connectivity to your live data – 24/7 via our web portal. You can create and manage payrolls remotely, using customized features that fit your industry and needs. Online access to employee documentation and reports guarantees convenience. Whether searching for a pay history or making future rate changes, the ability to do so from your own desk allows for more flexibility. While the Human Resource relationship is a highly personal one, many employees are eager to log into our secure portal. This empowers them to view pay stubs and tax history, vacation days accrued and make changes to benefits packages. So they won’t need to bother you for those things.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

We maintain EPLI, covering you against catastrophic claims by workers that their legal rights have been violated. This includes failure to employ or promote, termination, coercion, demotion, evaluation, reassignment, discipline, defamation, harassment, molestation, humiliation, retaliation, hostile work environment, discrimination or malicious prosecution. Knowing we care about your liability gives you peace of mind.

Employee Assistance Program

We provide an opportunity for you and your employees to reach out to experts when faced with life challenges. Through e4healthTM LifeScope, you have access to a team of licensed counselors, coaches, and consultants, offering guidance through the maze of life challenges toward a rich source of practical solutions. Services include 24/7 telephone counseling, face-to-face counseling, work/life coaching, legal/financial resources, life events risk profile, critical incident responding, and consultation for you and your managers.

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