When two employers
are better than one.

Co-Employment limits our clients' liabilities and
ensures regulatory compliance.

Co-employment is simply the sharing of employer responsibilities between a PEO and its client. Workers are technically employed by two separate entities, you (the client), and Simploy. The business owner controls the day-to-day business operations, sets wages and employee expectations. Simploy handles all of the personnel-related tasks such as payroll, administering benefits, workers’ comp, training and unemployment benefits.

Simploy reduces clients’ liability by staying abreast of all regulatory changes and handling all compliance issues in a timely, professional manner. This includes managing and claims investigation, mediation and reporting.

By working with a PEO, companies can offer a wide range of benefits while leveraging the purchasing power of the PEO. This helps attract and retain good employees and improving morale across the entire organization.

All of this allows you, the business owner, to focus on and grow your business.




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