Simploy offers both Payroll Financing and The Simploy Credit Line

As an Simploy Client, the need for capital to grow your business may not be easy to obtain quickly.  The need for cash often can occur suddenly.  The Simploy Credit Line provides your business with the ability to access extra cash when you need it for any business need such as:

  • Paying payroll
  • Debt consolidation
  • Waiting for receivables to arrive
  • Inventory/supplies/equipment
  • Hire additional resources
  • Pay bills
  • Unforeseen expenses

The unique aspect is that there is no cost to obtain the Simploy Credit Line, nor are there any fees when you are not using it. Payback terms are flexible. Need a short-term cash float? Repay it within 5-days and the cost is $0.55 per thousand (that is a 4% APR). A $20,000 float costs $11.00. Need more time? Take an extra week for a fee of 2.14% of the amount used or $428.00. Need more time? Our partner, Payroll Funding will work with you to extend the Grace Period up to several months giving you the time you need.


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